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Mediolan - modern furniture set for bedroom

One of the main characteristics of modern furniture set is the use of synthetic materials such as fiberglass, MDF, metal, and even hard plastic instead of wood-only. Unlike woods, those materials are usually mass-produced through modern manufacturing process, allowing for an always balanced supply & demand to keep the price affordable for all. Wood is now considered luxury that only the fortunate can enjoy, but the alternative materials also promise considerable level of durability, strength, and beauty. Mediolan Bedroom Set is a prime example of modern furniture set for bedroom, focusing on both functionality and enhanced sophistication from modern materials. The base model of Mediolan Bedroom Set consists of the following furniture pieces

Mediolan - modern furniture set for bedroom
  • Bed: measuring at 160 cm x 200 cm, it is larger than the standard King size. Two classic bed slats (each is 80 cm x 200 cm) are also included.


  • Wardrobe: base model includes 3-door wardrobe, measuring at 143 cm x 230 cm x 62 cm (W x H x D). It has s row of 5 compartments and another row comprised of a hanging rail and additional two shelves at the top.


  • 2 Bedside Tables: each bedside table measures at 65 cm x 36 cm x 41 cm (W x H x D). Wardrobe and bedside tables are designed with the same glossy black & white color schemes; together they bring both modern and conventional appeals at the same time.


Optional Package


If your need for storage system and decoration is more demanding, Mediolan is available in custom package which includes different furniture pieces as follows:


  • a 4-door wardrobe measuring at 188 cm x 230 cm x 62 cm (W x H x D)
  • a 5-door wardrobe measuring at 233 cm x 230 cm x 62 cm (W x H x D)
  • standard chest of drawer measuring at 101 cm x 79 cm x 45 cm (W x H x D)
  • large chest of drawer measuring at 126 cm x 79 cm x 45 cm (W x H x D)
  • Spring mattress compatible with the bed
  • Mirror


A different size of wardrobe and chest of drawer comes with different design as well. Glossy black and white pearl finishes are applied on the surface of MDF board to allow for better scratch and moisture resistance. The color combination surely matches any room design, whether it is modern, minimalist, and traditional. Some furniture pieces require assembly.

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